1. High Quality Content

The first way that you can improve your instagram feed is by having professional images taken for your business. For all businesses this is important and can be the difference between gaining an new client or not! Hiring someone to create your content can actually be very cost effective! You can set up a photoshoot or hire a photographer for a few hours to create months or even a years worth of content for less than $200! The key in doing this is to hire a photographer that has experience shooting for businesses.

If you are looking for custom graphics, logos or other illustrations for your business this can be much more expensive than hiring a photographer. To be cost effective, you should hire a company to do the illustrations and manage your Instagram feed. This is because hiring freelance graphic designers can be tricky to find a good designer who will work within your budget.

2. Keep Your Feed Consistent

If you look at some of the most popular business instagrams you will notice that all of their feeds are consistent. What I mean by “consistent”is that all of there images have a similar look or feel. The best way to go about doing this is by editing all of your images the same way! This will give you feed a cohesive look and color palette. And it is more appealing for customers to follow a feed in which they know what to expect from each of their posts.

3. Plan Your Posts

Planning out your instagram posts is one of the most important parts of having a beautiful instagram feed. Why? Well this is because if your images are edited well and beautiful but do not look good side by side in your feed, your instagram will still not look cohesive. Having a cohesive feed is the most important part of making your instagram feed look beautiful.

In order to plan out your instagram successfully you will need to use an app so that you see what each of them will look like side by side before you post it. The best Instagram planning app is: Preview. Preview allows you to import images into the app and rearrange the images side by side so you can see what the images will look like when they are posted to your feed.

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