Many businesses want to get on social media and reach as many potential clients as possible. But in order to do so you will need to create a simple social media marketing plan! In this blog post you will learn how to create a simple, but effective social media marketing plan!

The first part of creating an effective social media marketing plan is figuring out who are your target clients. In doing this you should ask yourself:

“Who is the average person that uses my services or purchase my products?”

“Is this person male or female?”

“How old are they”

“Why do they purchase our products/services over other competitors?”

Once you answer these questions you should have a decent idea of  you who you think might be your target audience. After finding your target audience you will need to decide on what social media platforms will work best to reach potential clients.

For example, if you had a home remodeling company you should be primarily focusing your social media efforts on Pinterest and Instagram. Why? Well, these site are image focused platforms that will have lots of female users who could be potential clients.

The next step will be to decide on how often you can/want to post on these different social media platforms. If you do not have a lot of content to post, do your best to post once a week!

If you have enough content to post more often then once a week that is great! I recommend that you should not post more than twice a day. This is because followers will be annoyed at the frequency of your posts.

After you decide on frequency of your posting, you will need to test out different posting times to get an idea of when your followers are online on each of the different platforms. In general, most people are online around 12 PM and 6PM. It is a good idea to start by posting around those times until you can figure what exact time is best for your business.

The last step is figuring out what hashtags will help you reach the most amount of users. The best way to go about researching hashtags is to think of different keywords and write them all down in a list. When you have a complete list, search the keywords as hashtags to see how many people are using the hashtags. For each of the hashtags write down the number of posts using that hashtag(if possible).

Once you do this for all of the keywords you will decide on which hashtags have the most relevant clients using the hashtags. This decision should not be based just on the number of people using the hashtag but it should be based on where there are the most “real” users using it that could be potential clients.

For example. the hashtag #landscaping will have more people using it than the hashtag #socallandscaper. But #socallandscaper will be the better hashtag to use do to fact that there should be more potential clients using that hashtag.

When you finish doing these steps you will be ready to start your social media marketing plan!

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