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If you want to show up on Google for specific keywords the easiest and quickest way to do this is through the use of a Google Ads Campaign.

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Get in front of your clients on Google my getting started with a Google Ads Campaign! 

All Google Ads Specialists at Grand Digital Solutions are Google Search Ads Certified and are ready to handle any campaign regardless of the budget, industry or business goal.

To start a Google Ads Campaign with us, we have a minimum montly ad budget of $700 to ensure that your campaign is successful and so that our hardworking campaign managers can be compensated for their expertise.

How Does Google Ads Work?

Google Ads is vey simple in theory, but in practice it is not. The way that Google Ads works is that companies bid on how much they are willing to pay per click for a certain keyword. Once these companies make these bids they write ads to run for that they word.

After writing their keywords, Google assigns each of their ads a “Quality Score”. A quality score is the rating that Google gives the ad based on the wording, links, landing pages and all other information related to that ad. So that the customer will be shown the ad that has the greatest value to them as a consumer.

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Our Google Ads Strategy:

Our strategy for running effective Google Ads campaigns starts with sitting down with the client and figuring out what their company’s specific goals are. We do this so we can run the correct campaign type and deliver results.

After, we do keyword research with some input from the client and choose the keywords that work for their companies goals.

Once keywords are selected, several ads are created to test their effectiveness and quality. Once testing is over we move on to running a full-fledge campaign.

After sometime running the campaign, we check in on the campaign to see how we can improve on the ads’ satistics to increase the clients ROI.

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